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On the California Superbloom (New Yorker, online); on squats (New Yorker, online); on boating with boomers through the Okeechobee Canal (New York Times Magazine); on noted teen eccentric Lil Yachty (New York Times Magazine); on beauty influencers, teens, and YouTube (WIRED)


On my very first sip of Coca-Cola (Eater); on millennials watching cat videos for pay (New York Times Magazine); on hoarding empty yogurt containers (Lucky Peach); on Fetty Wap (New York Times Magazine); on becoming a hat person (NY Mag


On visiting the world's largest drugstore (Vice); on plugging your ears with foam (New York Times Magazine); on fourth-wave coffee (The Hairpin); on extreme self care for modern ladies (Vice); on the parallel holes of Instagram and depression (Medium's The Message); on revenge for millennials (The Awl); on the penis on page 602 of the 1975 Fall/Winter Sears catalog (Medium's The Message); on optimizing your flesh prison (The Awl); on scented candles and self-actualization (NY Mag); on sweating (NY Mag); on assplay (Gawker); on God (The Awl)


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Email, if you must, can go to jamiekeiles@gmail; currently based in Westlake, Los Angeles
My tweets are here; my Insta is here; here is my very irregular newsletter about shopping
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I write moderately about the best way to arrange the time before death. Frequently this writing is funny, though that's usually incidental. Due to popular demand, I have honed a few rudimentary reporting techniques and can now skate by as a serious journalist. In any case, I try to do work that entertains people and makes them feel calm and smart. 

born New Year's Day '92
KEILES is pronounced KAY-liss

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