To give you a more complete picture of the kind of writer I am, here’s a list of beliefs that inform all the work that I do:

1.     Great work is driven by response, not ego. I write campaigns that put strategy before tactics and produce measurable benchmarks of success. I’m an interpreter first and a writer second. I believe quality work is determined by its ability to effectively translate client goals, voice, and brand.

2.     Great work is collaborative. Self-reliance is a trait best reserved for vision quests and Netflix binges. I believe that great work comes together as the result of writers, designers, creative directors, and clients working in unison as part of a dynamic team.

3.     Great work is founded on failure. Pushing boundaries is the result of taking calculated risks. I’m an uninhibited brainstormer who believes false starts and well-intentioned misadventures are the fertile soil from which good ideas grow.

4.     Great work is interdisciplinary. In an era where the shape of an “advertisement” changes by the minute, I feel passionately that great work must be imaginative with form. I cull the most effective storytelling techniques from across mediums and genres to make work that feels intuitive on whatever platform it appears.

5.     Great work is integrative. From Kant to Kanye, from the trenches of Reddit to the front page of the New York Times, I believe in writing that draws from, converses with, and reinterprets the culture that shapes our world. 

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