I Vomited After Deleting My Twitter The Hairpin 12.02.14
"I did schoolwork during the day, blog work at night, and carried an ego the size of the internet itself."

An Actually Useful Article About Dressing for a Party Rookie Mag 01.02.12
Without any mention of your body shape or style personality.
» Anthologized in Rookie Yearbook One (2012; Drawn & Quarterly) 

Do It Yourself Rookie Mag 10.20.12
What we talk about when we talk about masturbation.
» Anthologized in Rookie Yearbook One (2012; Drawn & Quarterly) 

Losing It Rookie Mag 04.12.12
Tips, warnings, and corroboration for the first time you have sex—however you define it. 

Kanye West's Life Changing Bi-Curious Encounter at the Smith College Summer Enrichment Program 07.06.15
Contribution to Alana Levinson's I Call This Look... 

Fake Shore Drive The Chicago Weekly 02.21.13
Me and Dan Reis talked rap and blogging with Chicago's best rap bloggers

You Know Who Sucks? Dr. Seuss Broadly 08.12.15
A hunger for pussy and war and truffula trees