Hey there coffee shop owners and managers! 

Do you want to bring up to 1000 new customers into your shop, while simultaneously growing coffee culture in Philadelphia? Read on to learn more about Coffee Pass Philadelphia:

What is Coffee Pass Philadelphia? 
Coffee Pass Philadelphia is a passport to drinking coffee across the city of Philadelphia. For $20, coffee enthusiasts can purchase the opportunity to enjoy 20 different cups of coffee (or tea!) at 20 different locally owned coffee shops in Philadelphia. Coffee Pass will be released in a limited edition of 1000. Coffee pass is only valid for drip coffee and brewed tea. Espresso drinks and hand pour are not included in Coffee Pass.

How does Coffee Pass work?
The Coffee Pass is a simple business card with a slot for each of the 20 participating coffee shops. Passholders visit as many coffee shops as they can, receiving a stamp for each cup of coffee or tea they enjoy. The pass is valid from November 1, 2014 until March 31, 2015. 

Where can coffee drinkers buy the pass?
Coffee drinkers can buy the pass online, or from their favorite local coffee shop (that's you!). 

Why should I add my shop to the pass?

  • Adding your shop to the pass is a very low cost way to bring up to 1000 new customers into your shop. Here's how it works:
    • Your shop joins the pass for the cost of $250. Upon joining, your shop receives 25 free passes to sell in your shop at a price of $20 per pass.
    • Profits from the sale of passes ($250) serve to offset the cost of distributing free coffee to passholders. Only 1000 passes will be sold, but it is unlikely that every passholder will visit every shop. Consider the wholesale cost of one cup of coffee, multiplied by some number under 1000, minus $250 profit from selling the pass. Could you guarantee new business in your shop using any other advertising method purchased at this price? Joining Coffee Pass is a very low cost way to ensure new business.    
  • Participating shops will see an increase the number of new visitors to their café. This means more people trying your coffee and buying your high-margin dry goods and food items. This also means more happy return customers. 
  • Participating shops will be included in all press materials surrounding Coffee Pass Philadelphia.
  • Participating shops will receive interviews and comprehensive coverage on the Coffee Pass Philadelphia blog.
  • As it is Coffee Pass's mission to help grow Philadelphia's coffee culture, each Coffee Pass member café will have the opportunity to host a totally free event, sponsored by Coffee Pass Philadelphia. This event could include local artists, musicians, writers, or actors. This event will cost $0 for the member café and will serve as a moneymaking opportunity. You will not be expected to give away any coffee. Ideally, you will sell a bunch of coffee and everyone will have a good time. 

Is this going to be a hassle for my employees? Will it slow my line?
No. Participating in Coffee Pass is no more time consuming than stamping a frequent buyer card. 

When does Coffee Pass Philadelphia launch?
The pass will be launching in late October. 

Ready to sign on?

Email coffeepassphilly (at) gmail (dot) com, or call Jamie at (215) 260-7214.