Acceptable Catcalls The Awl 04.20.15 NEW!
Hey baby, you look like someone who really knows how to PROCESS things. 

Welcome to Fourth Wave Coffee The Hairpin 01.27.15
The WiFi password is MORTALITY, all caps.



One Big Question: When Will You Know That You've Made It? The Hairpin 04.03.15 NEW!
More whining about Twitter 

I Vomited After Deleting My Twitter The Hairpin 12.02.14
"I did schoolwork during the day, blog work at night, and carried an ego the size of the internet itself."

One Big Question: Who Has It All? The Hairpin 10.02.14
Gushing over Joan Didion alongside a bunch of other smart ladies.

A Personal History with Rookie Mag ( blog) 11.02.11
My mom had a cooler childhood than I did. At least a prettier one. 

In Defense of Iced Coffee The Billfold 07.15.13
Spending 9% of my income on iced drinks (and why that’s okay)

Girl About Town Rookie Mag 03.19.12
An urban-exploration guide for girls who know what's up



Do It Yourself Rookie Mag 10.20.12
What we talk about when we talk about masturbation.
» Anthologized in Rookie Yearbook One (2012; Drawn & Quarterly) 

Losing It Rookie Mag 04.12.12
Tips, warnings, and corroboration for the first time you have sex—however you define it. 

What You Need to Know About Drinking Rookie Mag 07.16.12
Suggestions to help yourself and your friends stay safe.

Colossal Youth Rookie Mag 9.20.11
Everything society forgets to talk about when they talk about teens

No Girls Allowed Rookie Mag 11.11.11
Getting over the "I'm not like other girls" mentality

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How to Optimize Your Flesh Prison The Awl 04.13.15 NEW!
Identity politics, shopping, etc. 

An Actually Useful Article About Dressing for a Party Rookie Mag 01.02.12
Without any mention of your body shape or style personality.
» Anthologized in Rookie Yearbook One (2012; Drawn & Quarterly) 

Damn Girl Ya Look Good Rookie Mag 07.03.12
Finding a cool bra for your perfectly normal asymmetric rack.

Literally the Best Thing Ever: Slips Rookie Mag 01.18.1
The grooviest look you'll ever steal from your grandma. 



Jamie's Gift Bag: Dollar Store Edition Rookie Mag 12.02.11
Gifts from the dollar store for friends who matter more than $1

Jamie's Gift Bag: Make Your Own Terrarium Rookie Mag 12.27.11
Who wouldn't want a small forrest in a jar? 

Some Place Like Home Rookie Mag 12.27.11
Moving your dorm room beyond the generic white box



Fake Shore Drive The Chicago Weekly 02.21.13 (with Dan Reis)
Interview with Andrew Barber and Tyrine Howard of Chicago hip-hop blog Fake Shore Drive

Brother Tim’s Veggies The Chicago Weekly 04.25.12 
Brother Tim’s serves up vegetarian junk food. 

Floats Your Boat The Chicago Weekly 01.27.12 
Chicagoans flock to McCormick Place for the annual Chicago Boat, Sports, & RV Show.

God Save the Scene The Chicago Weekly 11.23.11 
A Punk venue is resurrected on the second floor of a Bridgeport church.

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