To: , editor at Motherboard (Vice) 
Subject: PITCH  “…yet another gender reveal with pyrotechnics”

Hi Jason, 

Hope this note finds you well. 

I am a freelance writer and have been working on a piece about gender reveals, I saw the Motherboard story this weekabout the reveal that sparked the Arizona Sawmill Fire and thought mine would make a great follow-up. 

The working title is “Surprise Gender Reveal fills sky (and crowd) with colored smoke at Missouri Airshow” 

This August I went to the Sound of Speed featuring the famous Blue Angels, where I witnessed “the reveal to top all other reveals,” the first of its kind to be done at a North American airshow. Bob Carlton, retired rocket scientist known for his night aerobatics with strobes and pyro, announced he had a surprise for an expecting couple. He asks everyone count down, before spraying the sky with (spoiler alert) pink smoke. 

This piece covers the absurdity of the event, reactions from a crowd covered in sweat and exhaust, and role social media/ tech play in driving this tired trend that refuses to go away, despite its obvious social and cultural gaffes. 

In it I ask: how will this couple tell their future child about the moment her genitalia became an aerial ballet? Will they scroll through their feeds, showing post from other couples – the water balloons filled with blue dye, the Arizona explosion that went wrong? All the likes she received at just 14 weeks? Will she be forever pink?

I also look at how pyrotechnics are quickly raising the bar for reveals – what will soon be the next level tech to beat? 

I have video and photos that can accompany the piece if interested. 

Thank you for your consideration and looking forward to hearing more!